Every Sunday we prepare a nice fresh meal for the homeless and the needy of our community of Accrington. This service is open to anybody and all beneficiaries are supported in a non judgemental way.

One of the most widespread and dangerous problems faced by humanity is that of hunger and starvation. There is nothing more horrifying then the realization that as we live our lives here, millions of our fellow human beings live in hunger and face starvation. It is clear that the world system we have set up today is unjust and inhumane.

One of the greatest reforms that the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) brought was the rights and treatments of the poor. The Muslims where obliged to look after the poor, were required to spend their wealth to help the poor out. For instance the Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him) taught the following: “Allah said, O’son of Adam! Spend and I shall spend on you” (Sahih Al- Bukhari, vol 7, book 64 number 264)

Currently, due to the pandemic our eat in service has been postponed however we are providing a takeaway meal.

Every Sunday at 2.15pm 74 Williows Lane, Accrington Lancashire BB5 0RT (Former willow mount working men’s club) 

*Please inform the staff if you have any allergies we need to be aware of.