The Essentials Course

This course focuses on the religious knowledge that every Muslim must learn in order to fulfill their personal obligations to Allah Most High. This gives you a clear grounding in your beliefs, worship, living the religion, and in knowing our prophet (SAW).

About the Course

This course aims to cover the fundamentals of Islam including: Theology, Jurisprudence, Prophetic Biography and Spirituality. These subjects are obligatory upon every adult Muslim. 

We also provide progression course for those who have studied the essentials course to enhance their understanding of Islam through an introduction to Arabic and Hadith Study as well as additional topics in Fiqh together with Qur’anic studies, focusing on Surah al-Faatiha and the last ten chapters.

The duration of the course is 12 weeks, and runs every academic year from January. The course is open to all males & females and is free.

*Please note this is an adult course.

Subjects Taught


Aqidah refers to those matters which must be believed in, with certainty and conviction, in one’s heart and soul.

This module covers the core Islamic doctrines outlined in the 7 articles of faith; Belief in Allah, His attributes, Angels, the Divine Books, Prophets & Messengers, Life after Death, and Destiny.



Fiqh refers to the rulings [ahkam] relating to all matters of worship.

This module covers the rulings of Purity  (Wudu, Ghusl & Tayammum) and the rules pertaining to Prayer (conditions, fundamentals and invalidators of the prayer)


Seerah is the science relating to the Biography of the Prophet Muhammad, describing key elements of His life and personage (peace be upon him) 

Islamic Studies


In this module you will study the spiritual aspects of Islam: recognition, prevention & treatment of negative characteristics, and understanding the etiquette towards God and His creation, to help one to purify the heart and attain closeness to Allah. 

This is a study of the book ‘Beginning of Guidance’  [By Imam Al Ghazali] 

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